If you are looking for a stylish driveway at a reasonable price then look no further than a shingle driveway. There's no need for a planning application and there should not be a problem with drainage due to the permeable aggregates used.


The driveway you are looking at below used to fill up with 4-6 inches of rainwater every time it rained. But now the driveway is finished our client has reported no further problems with standing water.

The story in pictures, start to finish

The driveway was reduced by 150mm to allow 115mm of compacted hardcore and 35mm of 20mm local shingle. In the middle of the driveway where the water collected when it rained we put 300mm of compacted hardcore.

This image shows a concrete edging installed in front of the hedging and permeable geotextile membrane laid over the ground.

Concrete edging was installed around the edges of the driveway.

Once all the concrete edgings had been installed the hardcore was added, levelled then compacted.

Finally, a 35mm layer of 20mm local shingle was added and levelled across the driveway to complete the job.