Garden makeovers - from design to completion



This client's garden looked tired, was unappealing and had clearly run it's course. Mainly used by small children, the new garden had to be simple in design, and above all, child friendly - and very few plants.







The old garden was completely demolished leaving a blank canvas. A new close board boundary fence has been installed, followed by a non slip textured patio and a pathway running between decking, lawn and play bark areas.


The lawn area is enclosed with a paved mowing strip to avoid edging the lawn during the growing season.


A trampoline is to be added to the play bark area, and a play house situated on the new deck, leaving enough room for the children to play with toys etc. A hand rail is erected on the corner of the deck to avoid a trip (and to give the deck a Titanic feel).


Finally, two raised sleeper beds with low maintenance planting are placed on the patio. These beds look attractive and are sturdy enough to sit on. 


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